What Bruce Stands For

Limited Government

Bruce believes the current size and scope of our federal government has greatly expanded past the limits set forth by the founding fathers. Certain things are better left to the market and to the states, the "laboratories of democracy". Our Constitution and form of government truly are a great miracle of modern times, and must be carefully preserved as such. 

National Security

Bruce believes that securing our citizens, our borders, and our information systems are of utmost priority. He has come face-to-face with the forces of evil across the globe, and knows they cannot be dealt with by asking nicely.

Economic Growth

Southwest GA is one of the poorest areas in the country, and 30% of its population live beneath the poverty level.  This is egregious and MUST be rectified through better education, recruiting new companies, protecting military infrastructure, and improving the regulatory environment for small- to large-size businesses to flourish.


There are over 80,000 Veterans in Southwest GA who have very few VA medical resources available. Many drive to Montgomery and even Augusta for medical care. We must have more accountability in the VA and push for a greater VA medical footprint.


Agriculture is one of the top economic drivers in Southwest GA, not to mention a critical element of national security.  Preserving the infrastructure needed to feed our people is one of Bruce's highest priorities; it is near to his heart as he was raised on a small farm. There is no one more passionate about preserving Georgia's family farms than Bruce.

Servant Leadership

Bruce has always served the community and the country because he believes he is called to do so and is fulfilling God's purpose in his life.  From a young age doing community service through Boy Scouts, to leading Soldiers in combat by not asking them to do anything he would not do himself, to serving in various volunteer organizations since transitioning to civilian life; Bruce is the epitome of a servant leader.